Team Fuel Corp.
Ship Managers

Managerial Principles

• Safety of the crew on board

• Maintaining a fleet of high quality vessels

• Prioritising the safety of the crew on board as well as the minimisation of the vessels' environmental impact, through strict adherence to all relevant regulations and constant raising of awareness of seafarers

• Exploring modern technology industry options in order to provide the vessels with equipment aimed at minimising operating costs and maximising operational efficiency

• All managed vessels are closely supervised both through the office, with daily communication via telephone and email (daily performance reports, job order lists updates, etc.) and most importantly through frequent house inspections of the vessels by the company’s superintendents

• Creating and maintaining a pool of high-quality seafarers with particular emphasis on officers, while at the same time maximising efficiency and motivation of the crews on board through bonus schemes

• Seeking constant improvement and keeping up to date with the developments in both technology and regulations through the attendance of industry seminars by key employees

• Dynamic chartering strategy in order to adapt to the circumstances at each point in time. As such the company will evaluate each situation separately in order to decide on the length of each charter, the type (i.e. voyage or time) and the strategic positioning or repositioning of the vessels

• The company's excellent track record throughout the different stages of the shipping cycles over the last fifteen years, has gained it an excellent reputation in the market, thus allowing considerable negotiating power